Women's Progression Camps


Whether you are new to mountain biking or are ready to learn to fly, ZEP’s coaches promise to deliver a no intimidation, learn-at-your-pace environment, to build the skills and confidence you’re looking for!

With over 20 years experience in coaching girls and women in mountain biking, ZEP has developed these Women Camps to focus on quality rather than quantity. Small groups allow us to tailor each camp to every participant to make sure everyone gets the most bang for buck!

Choose the Fundamentals Camp if you’re newer to biking, or the Progression Camp if you’re ready to step it up!

ZEP’s coaching is unparalleled and ensures an unbeatable experience because we use the most experienced and highly certified coaches in the business… those who train and certify other coaches! Click here for more info.

“You were supportive and patient and clearly knew how to get me where I wanted to be… I doubt the feeling when I rode off and landed the Fade to Black drop will ever go away! Best of all, we had fun getting there. By the end of the season I was literally (and am still) riding beyond my wildest dreams!"

— Clair (Women's Camper)

Two day camp in the Whistler Valley Trail Network, specifically designed for riders to get more comfortable on trails both on the ascent and descent. Friendly, experienced coaches provide an intimidation-free atmosphere, including a tasty lunch daily at Gone Eatery. Group sizes are small, with only 2 - 4 riders per group.

Build your confidence, have fun, ride with friends and get even more stoked on this amazing sport. The ZEP coaches have years of experience training and teaching women how to ride and can offer any type of learning environment you’re looking for.

Days run from 10am to 4pm. The last day finishes with aprés on us at one of Whistler’s many fantastic pubs.

ZEP MTB Programs strive to be an inclusive learning environment. We welcome all members of the gender expansive community to join the ZEP Experience. Please contact us with any questions you may have!

2024 Dates & Pricing Coming Soon!


  • Riders looking to learn how to jump and drop on small to medium features with confidence.
  • Riders looking to improve their speed and confidence on trails.
  • Riders looking to feel more confident and consistent, overall.
  • Riders looking for professional coaching with detailed analysis, with friendly and effective feedback.
  • Private Group bookings (2-4 riders that book together) can also decide what they want to learn and the ability level.


  • Bike & Suspension set-up
  • Be introduced to jumping, or consolidate existing jumping skills
  • How to tackle small to medium roll downs or drop offs
  • How to corner with more speed, consistency and flow
  • How to descend technical with better confidence and speed control
  • How to approach rock rolls and steep terrain with control
  • Slow, tight corners or track stands
  • Front and rear wheel lifts, bunnyhops, etc.


The two day camp takes place in the Whistler Valley Trail Network so we recommend a modern enduro bike with 6 inches suspension front and rear and good quality brakes. Helmets, gloves and knee pads are mandatory.

We recommend you bring your own bike. However, if you need to rent a bike, please contact our partners at Evolution Bike Shop.


2024 Dates & Pricing Coming Soon!