ZEP Sponsors

These are the guys who have helped us get to where we are today - thanks so much for all your support everyone and we look forward to continue working with you all in the future.

These guys are 100% real... real friendly, real customer service, real bikers (they can seriously shred) and they make real amazing bikes! We appreciate their mindset in the industry and the support they give us no end - it's companies like Transition that help this sport develop. Here's a little excerpt from their website:

"Our philosophy is simple, Rider Owned for Life. It is not a slick marketing slogan but something that defines who we are as a company. Connecting with our dealers and customers from a rider standpoint is our number one concern. Through outstanding and responsive customer service, and unique niche product design, we create and build relationships with our customers that are important to everyday riders and forgotten by larger companies."


SHIMANO components create a more efficient bicycle-to-rider interface that demands less of your energy. We do it through low-effort and precise shifting systems and through linear response braking systems that deliver superior power and modulation. By using components that work for you, you can focus more on the task at hand riding your bicycle.


Since EVOC’s inception, the standards for all our products has remained unchanged: highest possible quality, ingenious details and sophisticated functions. We simply love the sport and our dedication to designing and manufacturing durable and innovative products that fulfil all imaginable needs has merged into the EVOC philosophy: We want to keep it simple, functional, reliable and unique, but we also offer something that goes deeper – a passion for what we do.


ZEP's new favourite tires are Continental! After using another leading brand for over 15 years, we tried and tested the new range of ContiMTB tires at Crankworx '22 and were instantly sold. They roll faster, feel more stable and at the end of the day, have more grip... they look bad ass too and are racking up podiums left, right and centre on the world cup circuit.

"Mountain bikers of all levels will be able to push their performance to new limits from now, as we introduce our all-new Gravity range of MTB tires... INTRODUCING THE NEW GRAVITY RANGE. We’ve engineered tires with next-level grip. Your perfect set up, whatever the terrain, whatever your riding style. Kryptotal for mixed conditions, Hydrotal for wet, Argotal for loose, Xynotal for rock and hardpack. The Science of Grip."


These guys simply make the best helmets, protection and clothing for DH Mountain Biking and we are honoured to be wearing their equipment that keeps us comfy, protected and looking pro on the trails.

"For over 25 years, I have been customizing helmets "For The World's Fastest Racers." Our relentless commitment to creating products that exceed the cutting edge style, design and quality, has given us the reputation as an innovator in many different racing fields. Troy Lee Designs has since expanded into a full force operation, offering a product line from helmet visors and graphics, to casual wear and the all new Speed Equipment Racewear..."
- Troy Lee.


CHROMAG’S mission is simple: to design and build products that they want to use over anything else that's out there.

Made in Canada… anything from QR's and stems, to frame parts such as cable guides and bottom brackets are CNC machined next door at North Shore Billet. Not only does it support the Whistler economy and put money into the hands of avid mountain bikers, it also gives Chromag unparalleled access to product development and quality control.


ZEP is stoked to be working with this premium brand.

DT Swiss AG is a company with a global presence. It develops, produces, and markets high-quality bicycle components. DT Swiss products are known for their precision and reliability and are developed with the aim of offering reliable components for an unforgettable riding experience for every rider and every terrain.


The revolutionary tire insert. Proven Engineering. Trusted by Pros. Ride Faster, Corner Harder, Go Bigger.

When ZEP tested the Cushcore system, we were sold straight away. Smoother, more stable, and better traction. It’s so much more than pinch flat protection! Try it and you’ll see why our entire team of coaches exclusively uses Cushcore.


The best place in the world to live, to ride a bike and learn how to ride a bike. The trails are so well built they make progressing from a first timer to a seasoned pro as safe and fun as the sport has ever been. With their world-class trails and great coaches and coaching programs, they are doing more for the sport than anyone else. We are stoked and proud to be able to operate in their Bike Park and look forward to working with them for many years to come.


IMBA Canada's mission is to create, enhance, and preserve trail opportunities for mountain bikers throughout Canada.

Their goal is develop the following for Canadian mountain biking:


ZEP MTB Camps is truly honored to be working with World Bicycle Relief. ZEP MTB Camps is donating a portion of every sale to WBR, in the hope to purchase as many bikes as possible for the charity.

World Bicycle Relief is dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles. World Bicycle Relief specializes in large-scale, comprehensive bicycle programs by providing supply chain management, technical knowledge and logistics expertise to poverty relief and disaster recovery initiatives. Compared to walking, bicycles represent an enormous leap in productivity and access to healthcare, education and economic development opportunities. The simple, sustainable nature of bicycles empowers individuals, their families and their communities.


Vorsprung Suspension provides a full complement of engineered suspension solutions, tailored to your needs in order to optimize your ride.

Looking to shred the downhills faster? We’ve got you covered. Need to be more efficient on the climbs? No problem. Wanting a more playful ride? We can deliver. From novices to World Cup level riders, back yard senders to Rampage competitors, we can help you achieve whatever ride qualities you want. We also offer a full range of suspension servicing and repair options, to keep your bike in peak condition with a minimum of disruption to your riding schedule.


Coast Mountain Photography photographs in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park on various trails daily.

Check the signs in the lift lines at the base of the mountain for updates on the photographers locations and look for the signs on the trails for a heads up on the feature being photographed. Images can be viewed in the gallery at Garbanzo Bike and Bean at the bike park village base or online at bikeparkphotos.com.