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Our Staff

ZEP's team of mountain bike coaches is unique because we only use instructors with the highest levels of certification and teaching experience in not just the mountain bike industry, but also the snowsports industry. All our coaches are Level 4 certified in the winter (representing the top 1% off all ski and snowboard instructors) and are a minimum of PMBI Level 2 certified in the summer... currently the most extensive, and challenging MTB Instructor Certification course in the world.

Professional, passionate about mountain biking and teaching, and all focused on making your ZEP experience the ultimate, biking memory. These guys will show you a great time and know the Whistler Valley and Bike Park Trails like the back of their gloves!


Paul Howard | @PHOWARD21

Professional Instructor, Coach and Instructor Trainer

ZEP Instructor/Owner Paul Howard Originally from: Brighton, England

Certifications: ZEP Founder, Owner & Head Coach, PMBIA Director of Programs & Development, Co-Founder, Past President, PMBIA Level 4, PMBIA Master Course Conductor, Wilderness First Responder 80hr, CASI National Evaluator Training Team Member, Canadian Interski Team Member 2015, CASI Technical Committee Member 2014 - 2017, CASI Level 4 Instructor, CASI Level 4 Evaluator, CASI Park & CASI Race Instructor, Whistler Blackcomb Head Snowboard Trainer 2009 - 2017B.Sc. Genetics (U.C.L)

Paul started his mountain biking in the early 90’s and started teaching mountain biking in 1998, in Australia. Originally from the UK, he has continually developed his trade to become one of the industry's most highly skilled and respected instructors. As a professional snowboard and mountain bike instructor, Paul has trained, mentored and certified countless coaches, instructors and guides from all over the world.

After developing multiple mountain bike teaching and instructor training programs, Paul has pioneered his experience and knowledge into the industries most sought after and respected mtb instructor certifications, and is Director of Programs and Development, Past President and Co-founder of the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (“PMBIA”). The PMBIA today is the global standard for mountain bike instructor certifications.

Paul heads up the ZEP Team, taking care of program design, staff training and coaches many of the ZEP camps and programs throughout the season. Riders and coaches from all over the world visit Whistler every year, specifically to ride and learn from Paul.


Nick Thomas


ZEP Instructor Nick Thomas

Originally from: Swansea, Wales.

Certifications - PMBIA Level 2 Air. CSIA Level 4

Nick followed the well trodden Whistler path of coming for the winter and staying for summer. That first winter was 2002 and Nick’s passion for passing on his love of the outdoors and especially mountain biking still burns as bright as it did that first season.

Nick has teaching and coaching in his blood. Having taught scuba diving all around the world as well as skiing, snowboarding and of course mountain biking (he's never had a “real” job). His strengths are his enthusiasm and empathy. As well as finding the connection with guests to set up the best learning environment possible.

When not on the bike Nick enjoys rock climbing and disk golf (check it out- you will love it). He has a wife and 2 kids, and loves to go out riding as a family.

Fun Fact: Nick has a penchant for Astrophysics and Whisky!

Jon Matlock


ZEP Instructor Jon Matlock Originally from: Coombs, BC

Certifications: PMBIA L2 AIR & TECH, Kid's Module, 40hr Wilderness First Aid

Before Jon started coaching professionally, he was, and still is, a graphic designer / web developer. Jon ran his own company for 17 years and was incredibly fortunate to work with a number of great companies within the cycling industry including Anthill Films, The Collective, Summer Gravity Camps, Cannondale and GT. He has been on the design team with ZEP since 2006.

Jon is a teacher by nature, he loves to teach - and loves to ride. A perfect blend. His journey of bike coaching began while volunteering with an amazing not for profit program in Kelowna that enables at-risk and underprivileged youth to get outside and mountain bike, snowboard and climb. When the opportunity arose to start the ZEP Okanagan operation, he jumped at the chance. Best career move ever!

Dave Weeks | @weeksey44

Head Coach GROM Development Teams

ZEP Instructor Dave Weeks Originally from: Shapwick, England

Certifications: PMBIA Level 4, 80 hour First Aid, PMBIA Course Conductor, PMBIA Level 3 Skills Coach, Wilderness First Aid

Dave made the move to Whistler to follow his biking dreams. Coaching at the Whistler Bike Park and Summer Gravity Camps working his way up to a staff trainer for Whistler Bike School. Meeting people who have managed to live and/or work around biking, following their passion. Whether it's pros who dedicated their lives to riding the best they could, to trail builders putting energy back into the community, to coaches sharing their passion for the sport to anyone who'll listen. Dave’s riding skills are incredible and his open mindedness and ability to learn quickly, has made him a very skilled and adaptable coach.

Dave heads up our ZEP GROM Devo and Race Teams and excels at developing the young riders, throughout each season. On the weekends, Dave is also a Course Conductor for the PMBIA.

Fun Fact: Most laps of Aline Dave probably rides over half of it sitting down.


Ross Dunlop | @rosstdunlop


ZEP Instructor Ross Dunlop

Originally from: Shandon, Scotland

Certifications: PMBIA Level 4 Instructor, CASI Level 4 instructor, PMBIA Level 3 Mentor Course Conductor, Wilderness First Aid

Ross moved to Whistler in 2006 and is our most senior coach and local mentor for many bikers and snowboarders. He has been riding since childhood, a local trail builder and is actively involved in the community. Along with his experience as one of snowboarding's elite level coaches working with prospective Olympics in the “off season”, Ross brings a riding skill and personality to ZEP that sees our clients requesting his coaching services, year after year. Pulling inspiration from anyone who has the patience and openness to improve their skills, regardless of their current level of riding.

Modest, humble and crazy good at any sport he chooses to do, Ross exemplifies ZEP’s values of being the best without ego.

Fun Fact: Ross has never been able to touch his toes

Charles “Chuck” Renaud-Roy Renaud-Roy | @chuckrenaudroy


ZEP Instructor Charles (Chuck) Renaud-Roy Originally from: Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies, now Whistler

Certifications: PMBIA Level 3, PMBIA Course Conductor, Wilderness First Aid

Hailing from Belle Province QC, Chuck moved out to Whistler 15 years ago with no plan. A few weeks later, his bike was shipped over to BC and he has not looked back, realizing that not only is Whistler a great place in the Winter - but it’s even better in the Summer! Chuck lives to ride his bike and has been coaching students and training coaches with ZEP for 8 years, still taking in daily inspiration and valuable lessons from his friends and fellow coaches.

Chuck’s pure stoke, modesty and good nature provides a perfect platform to coach all the riders and racers that he works with, sharing his passion, helping progress and being part of rider successes is why Chuck is a MTB coach!

Fun Fact: Chuck is a proud dad of a hedgehog named Henrietta

Jake Boling | @jake_boling


ZEP Instructor Jake Boling Originally from: Adelaide, Australia

Certifications: PMBIA Level 4 Instructor, CASI Level 4 Instructor, PMBIA Level 3 Mentor Course Conductor, CASI Course Conductor, CSIA Level 2 Instructor, Wilderness First Aid

With over a decade coaching Mountain Biking, Snowboarding and Skiing in Whistler, ZEP is excited to have Jake on our team. Jake’s experience as both a coach and Instructor Trainer in multiple sports, brings a wealth of tactics and progression to our programs.

With an easy going nature and friendly personality, our clients love riding with Jake, progressing their skills in a fun, safe, non-intimidating environment. During his time at ZEP, Jake has solidified his position with many private request clients, year on year, and has had great success as a PMBIA Course Conductor, training many coaches in the industry.

Jake’s coaching style and easy-going nature make him a firm favorite for students everywhere.

Finn Target


ZEP Instructor Finn Target Originally from: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Certifications: Certifications: PMBIA Level 4 & Course Conductor, CSIA Level 4, Park & Course Conductor

Finn moved out to BC in 2012 having just finished his undergrad in Sports Science whilst playing a lot of rugby in the UK. He spent the next decade falling in love with BC, coaching skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer - aka, living the dream. As well as coaching ZEP development programs, Finn is now a Level 4 PMBIA Course Conductor, helping our aspiring mountain bike coaches reach their full potential on their bikes and further their careers!

Random Fact: FInn can play the bagpipes!



ZEP Instructor Finn Target

Originally from: Haliburton Ontario

Certifications: PMBIA Course Conductor, PMBIA Level 4 Ride Component only, Wilderness First Aid, CASI Level 4, CASI Level 2 Examiner

Moving to Whistler in 2010, Scott is a dedicated career instructor, with experience in the snowboard industry as a CASI Level 4, Whistler Blackcomb Staff Training and CASI Examiner. These skills along with his background coaching in Whistler Bike Park, have enabled Scott to become a great mountain bike coach. His energy, passion and work ethos make him a credit to the ZEP team.

Scott also trains mountain bike instructors, like the rest of the ZEP crew, teaching courses for the PMBIA.

Fun Fact: Scott IS Star Wars

Danielle Saxby


ZEP Instructor Danielle Saxby Originally from: Mississauga, ON

Certifications: Level 2 air, trail module & kids module. Level 3 CASI

Danielle moved to Whistler after University in the fall of 2016. Prior to moving to Whistler she coached snowboarding in the winter and worked with outdoor summer camps the rest of the year. A calm, patient and focused all round coach, Danielle loves to connect with people through the love of bikes. Being motivated by the momentum and progression of the kids and women in this sport, and fueled by seeing past students out on the trail with smiles and the confidence and ability to ride safely and independently.

Enjoying finding feelings in a sport to share with students so that they can feel comfort and confidence in their own movements - and sharing those wins is what makes Danielle an amazing coach!

Fun Fact: When Danielle isn’t biking she is likely learning & practicing the different ways our minds and bodies work. She loves yoga & the ‘body maintenance’ side of biking as well.

John-Phillip Fok


ZEP Instructor JP Fok Originally from: Ottawa Ont.

Certification: PMBIA Level 4, Level 4 Snowboard, WFA40h, BSC-Human kinetics

JP completed his Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics at UBCO, and moved to Whistler to coach snowboarding. This led into a Strength and Condition coaching role, and then mountain biking found its way into his life. Now JP is coaching year round - snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking in the summer, one feeds the other, from season to season.

JP’s unbridled passion for outdoor sports and coaching those to be able to enjoy them as much as he does is unforgettable - he has never frowned on a bike (but he has never tried!).

Fun Fact: JP once went on a reality TV show to find love. It was a blip in time that led him to better love himself. Which was what we’re all truly seeking in the end. Everything else is just a bonus.

James Longstaff


ZEP Instructor James Longstaff Originally from: Fareham, Hampshire UK

Certifications: Level 3, Level 2 air, trail module and Kids module

James attended the ZEP Instructor Academy in 2018, coming from 8 years as a sound technician in the UK, working for world class musicians like Ed Sheeran, Plan B and Rod Stewart. He needed a change from the relentless intensity for 24/7 event life - and decided to pursue his passion for mountain biking and the outdoors.

Fast forward a few years and James is now a PMBIA Level 3 Instructor working full time with the ZEP team. His drive and dedication to the sport and coaching those how to ride safely, and to have fun is next to none!

Fun Fact: James is colourblind

Laurie Todd


ZEP Instructor Laurie Todd Originally from: Liverpool, England

Certifications: PMBI Level 3 and Trainer, CSIA level 4 and Course Conductor, IDP Level 3

Laurie came to BC from England to learn to ski and do one season after finishing university - that was 14 years ago! He needed something equally as good as skiing for his summer season and found himself falling in love with Mountain Biking.

Laurie is motivated by his peers and students, who are constantly pushing themselves to learn and develop. He was drawn to the quality and standard of the training with ZEP from coaches to coaches and coaches to students - we are proud to have him on the team!

Fun Fact: Laurie is a die hard Liverpool Football fan

Laura Mackie


ZEP Instructor Laura Mackie Originally from: Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England

Certifications: PMBIA Level 1, Children's Module PMBIA, Level 2 CASI Level 2 & Park 1, SBINZ Level 2 & Children's Module

Like many, Laura arrived to work in the winters as a snowboard coach in 2018, thinking it would be a season long trip - and here she still is! Prior to coaching she was a production engineer in a major film company in central London - but was yearning for some more time outdoors. She was working with fellow ZEP coach JP in the winter time, when he suggested Mountain Bikes coaching, and her journey began.

Laura comes from a family of fierce, smart and passionate women, and she strives to keep that going in everything she does. She is motivated to be the best version of herself, whether that be in education, physical sport or more. Inspired by her dad, with his relentless motivation to learn and drive to keep progressing, we know where Laura gets her never stop learning attitude from!

Fun Fact: One of Laura's hobbies is pole dancing! Keeping in shape, empowerment being inverted!

Michael Lannon


ZEP Instructor Michael Lannon Originally from: Gander, Newfoundland

Certifications: WAFA 40 hour, PMBIA level 2 TECH

Michael took a trip out from the east coast for a year off school in 2013 and instantly fell in love with BC, finishing his degree at UBCO so he could learn and play at the same time. Motivated by those around him progressing within a discipline, inspires him to do the same and is always seeking progression in his own life - perpetuating good vibes!

Before coaching, Michael had been working in the bike industry for many years, working in multiple positions from sales manager to head mechanic. Most recently enjoying the hands on aspect of wrenching. Michael joined the ZEP to pursue coaching so that he could share his stoke of mountain biking with anyone who wants to learn!

Fun Fact: Michael loves whacky, fun socks, and has a pretty big collection.

ZEPtechniques' Mandate

To provide the highest standard in the coaching of mountain bike riders so people can safely learn to ride with more skill, confidence and fun; bringing new riders into the sport whilst ensuring current riders keep progressing.


At ZEP', mountain biking is not just a sport that we do... it's something that's part of our lives, we're passionate about riding and love it more than anything else. To be able to share this passion, sport and lifestyle with other like-minded people, in the most amazing place in the world to ride a bike; that's what we're all about. We have three principles that are the cornerstone of what we do:

  1. THE BEST COACHES... are ones that are equally passionate and good at biking and teaching. The best coaches in any sport are those who can analyze peoples' technique and effectively and safely teach them to improve their skills. We're not pro riders... we're pro coaches and are very proud at being the best at what we do: teaching people how to ride better and training instructors how to teach.
  2. EFFECTIVE TEACHING... The three goals of teaching are i) keep riders safe, ii) progress their skills and iii) show them an awesome time! Our clients' safety and expectations on our programs are our responsibility and we take that very seriously at ZEP. Get them home in one piece, teach them something new and give them a biking memory to keep forever.
  3. GIVE BACK... The mountain bike industry is incredibly important to us on many different levels, so any company goal or aspiration we have must first be for the good of the sport and only then, secondly for ZEP. Our mandate to provide the highest standards in mountain bike coaching and instructor training puts us in an important and unique position within the MTB industry - one we take very seriously and hope to maintain for many years to come, as we continue to grow.