This program is for those riders, 13 & up, looking to continue developing their skills, knowledge and fitness, during the winter months. As always, ZEP’s coaching philosophy is focused on building better humans to create better riders. Taking inspiration from our long term instructor training programs, the winter program includes a well rounded package of skills training, nutrition, strength and conditioning and sport psychology, to set up the riders for a season of fun, safe, healthy progression on their bikes.

The goal for this program is to help create a winter home for the sea-to-sky youth riders and racers who have a passion for riding and racing and want to keep the wheels rolling and the progression going, while the snow is covering the trails!


Riding and racing bikes is not about the competition, the results or winning! ZEP’s philosophy is to use the coaching, riding and racing within these programs as a means for the kids to learn important life skills, such as; resilience, adaptability, compassion, empathy, hard work, team work, self respect, self esteem, how to lose/win graciously, how to help others… and so much more.


This program is ideal for athletes from 13 and up who are enrolled in season-long mountain bike development programs, such as the ZEP Grom & Enduro Teams or the ZEP Race Team. Enrollment in a ZEP program however, is not mandatory… all shredders are welcome!

Riders must have a passion for riding and a keen interest in becoming a more well rounded athlete, not just technically, but also mentally and physically.


  • 2 day Early Spring camp in Pemberton
  • 16 week Strength & Condition Program facilitated by Kyle Kamp at the Realignment Lab, including 4 in-person gym sessions
  • 16 week Nutrition Program facilitated by Origins Nutrition, including 2 in-person info sessions
  • 2 Mental Performance Coaching Sessions to build mental health and resilience for happier, healthier riders and racers, facilitated by Greg McDonnell from McDonnell Counseling


FOR PREVIOUS ZEP RACE TEAM MEMBERS: Click below to register.

NEW TO ZEP? ZEP is asking new riders to apply for a position on this winter program, to ensure strong team dynamics and that the members of the team can all ride and train well together; boosting fun, coaching potential and therefore outcomes for all involved!

Applications will be open from Dec 15th - Jan 15th (subject to availability).

For more information on the key details for application to the 2024 ZEP WINTER TRAINING PROGRAM, please email


Winter programming starts the second week of January, 2024 and runs for 4 months/16 weeks - $1095