ZEP Racing Programs 2024

We started ZEP MTB CAMPS in 2006 and launched the racing division, ZEP RACING, in 2017. Today, we are proud of the diverse, inclusive programming we offer that is helping our young riders and racers become better people, every season… oh, and better riders, too!

That’s our philosophy… riding and racing bikes is not about the competition, the results or winning! ZEP’s approach has always been to use the coaching, riding and racing within these programs as a means for the kids to learn important life skills, such as; resilience, adaptability, compassion, empathy, hard work, team work, self respect, self esteem, how to lose/win graciously, how to help others… and so much more.

The end result is to create happier, healthier, life-long mountain bikers that continue to ride, no matter their results. Of course, they also end up being amazing bike riders, smooth, fast, and most importantly with good risk management and decision making skills. Racing gives these riders so much more than medals and it’s this intrinsic value from training, riding and working hard that our athletes learn to place value on, more so than any race results.

Dig in to our race team programs and please let us know how we can help to find the right training program for you or your aspiring athlete!

ZEP MTB CAMPS is an official Racing Club registered through BC Cycling.


Click here to learn more about our team of our professional, highly certified and experienced coaches… our crew are leaders in the industry with years of riding, instructor training, coaching and racing experience, and are looking forward to meeting you all next season!