A diverse, fun program, designed to build young riders into better “athletes”… meaning safer, smoother, faster riders, with more body awareness and better decision making. If they want to race, great, we’ll help them, but racing isn’t the sole focus of this team.

It’s all about the riding, safe progression and good times… with ZEP’s top tier, professional, PMBIA certified coaches! This program is guaranteed to give these kids the skills to take their biking wherever they want.

The ZEP GROM DEVO Team is a perfect recipe for the kids to be stoked, their skills to truly develop and for parents to be confident in their kids safety and a genuine return on their investment.


Coaching sessions are 2 days per week, Tuesday and Thursday. Starting in the Spring with AFTER SCHOOL sessions and moving into HALF DAY (4hr) sessions for the duration of the Summer, with the industry's best coaches.

Coaching will vary between the Crawford & Smith Creek Trail Systems, with potential bike park days at Silverstar. We’ll also cover suspension set up, bike set up and maintenance to keep the riders gear top notch. ZEP Coaches always maximize sessions for safety, risk management and skill progression, so the kids can build the skills without the spills.

This program also includes coaching race support at the Fire In The Mountains Enduro, Big White Funduro (TBC) and the MTBco Funduro. Plus, the option to add on race support at 2-3 Canadian Enduro League races (locations TBC). The goal is to provide a fun, friendly and non-competitive atmosphere to introduce the kids to racing as a fantastic tool to continue to develop their skills, learn and have a bunch of fun!

Optional race support from our Whistler coaches will be available at select BC Cup DH races for participants racing DH too!


  • SPRING sessions (May and June) - 2 hr After School, sessions 2 days per week 4:30pm - 6:30pm
  • SUMMER sessions (July and August) - Full Day session, 2 days per week 9:30am - 1:30pm
  • FALL sessions (September) - 2 hr After School, sessions 2 days per week
  • Maximum 5 riders, per group
  • Season long program running through the Spring, Summer and Fall
  • There will be 3 breaks for time off during the program June 23 - July 3 & July 28 - Aug 7 and September 2nd - 10th


  • ZEP Troy Lee Designs Team Jersey
  • ZEP Race Team Hat
  • ZEP stickers!
  • 16 spring afternoon sessions
  • 16 summer full day sessions
  • 6 fall afternoon sessions
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Race Support (Fire in the Mountains Enduro, Big White Funduro, MTBco Funduro)
  • Optional add-on Race Support at select Canadian Enduro League races and BC DH Races


This program is for ADVANCED & EXPERT riders. In order to ensure the best learning experience for all kids in the program, we have implemented a registration system where you sign up for your current riding ability level. Please review the classifications below to ensure you are signing your child up for the correct ability level. If you are unsure or have any questions as to what level to sign up for, please contact us at info@zepmtbcamps.com

GROM Advanced -



An advanced rider is comfortable riding off-road on “blue” trails, some of the easier single-black diamond trails and can perform all of the listed intermediate skills above. They are still learning to refine and build their skills, timing and confidence, to ride all single-black trails confidently.

These riders can more easily get into terrain above their skill level as confidence and skills can be high, relative to their experience and risk assessment skills; which can be limited due to lack of mileage on advanced terrain.


  • How to ride all single-black diamond trails confidently
  • How to ride green and blue trails with more style and speed.
  • Refine body position and balance, for more control efficiency and speed on the descents
  • Refine advanced skills such as position/rotation/pressure to develop cornering speed through greater bike body separation and line choice
  • Confidently riding medium drop - offs and tabletop jumps
  • Introduced to larger tabletop jumps, such as A-line
  • Applying technical maneuvers such as wheel lifts, bunnyhop and nose pivots, on the trail


  • Can climb technical ascents over rock and roots.
  • Can handle steep sections of rock slab, roots and chutes, can link together technical sections
  • Can ride at speed through intermediate terrain
  • Can pick a variety of lines
  • Can do larger jumps and drops
  • Can ride all day and do two rides in a day
  • Typically comfortable riding for 3 - 6 hours

GROM Expert -


For ADVANCED Riders For EXPERT Riders

An expert rider is someone who is confident and consistent in any terrain, and has more experience, stronger risk management and decision making skills, to better apply their skills. This makes for a smoother, more efficient and safer rider, more of the time, compared to an advanced rider. These riders would like to start learning more advanced techniques for speed, style and performance.

Expert riders may start to consider racing as a tool to continue their progression and fun on the bike.


  • Detailed bike and suspension set up
  • Advanced gear and braking techniques for power, speed & creativity
  • How to ride faster and control speed on a larger variety and higher difficult level of trails
  • How to refine skills to apply in competition
  • How to corner faster in berms, flat and off-camber corners
  • Drop offs, rock rolls, jumps, step ups, step downs
  • Applying more advanced maneuvers on the trails to be practical, but also creative and stylish - such as manuals, stoppies, bunnyhops, whips and nose-bonks


  • Looking for speed on the trail and trying to pick optional lines
  • Can do tricks off large jumps and drops
  • Can do multiple big rides in one day and ride multiple days in a row
  • Typically comfortable riding for 3 - 7 hours


RETURNING ZEP CAMPER? Email info@zepmtbcamps.com for registration details.

NEW TO ZEP? ZEP is asking new riders to apply for a position on this team, to ensure strong team dynamics and that the members of the team can all ride well together; boosting fun, coaching potential and therefore outcomes for all involved!

Applications will be open until March 31 (subject to availability).

For more information on the key details for application to the 2023 OKANAGAN ZEP GROM DEVO TEAM, please email info@zepmtbcamps.com.


2024 Dates & Pricing Coming Soon!