ZEP MTB Kids is the youth development side of ZEP MTB CAMPS! We started ZEP kids programming because we wanted to offer the local community professional, season long, mountain bike rider development programs.

The goal of ZEP MTB Kids isn’t to produce the next Fin Iles or Brandon Semenuk. Instead, ZEP is here to provide a safe pathway for kids to become the best riders they can be, through fun, professional coaching. Our goal is to teach these kids how to ride better, smoother and faster, so they can ride smarter, cleaner and stay healthy to become mountain bikers for life.

If they decide they want to take their skills and apply them to racing, of course our coaches will support that drive! Indeed, racing is an excellent tool to teach kids so many valuable life lessons. At ZEP we embrace racing and competition for these reasons. However, racing and results are not the primary goal. Fun, progression, smart decision making, team work, social skills and work ethic, are the core teaching elements to our programs.

Check out our programs today and email us with any questions or concerns you may have, and we’ll be happy to help!