First in a series of detailed, instructional “HOW-TO” vids that ZEP MTB Camps will be posting up throughout the summer.

Check out the video inside for all the details

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked over the years when instructing is, “how do you wheelie?”. So we figured this summer we’d do a ZEP Video Lesson Series to address the main things we end up coaching people during our MTB camps and instructor training courses. This first video then shows a detailed, but simple progression to learn how to wheelie… starting with a basic front wheel lift and moving all the way to seated manuals, and is aimed at novice to intermediate riders.

After watching the vid, make sure your bike is working properly (particularly the brakes and gears), you wear the necessary protection (butt pads are a good idea if you’re new to this) and that you have somewhere appropriate to practice, preferably with a soft surface. Learning to wheelie for the first time on gravel or paved surfaces can be dangerous as there is a risk of falling backwards onto your bum and/or back. If you also therefore have any back issues, then make sure you’re physically 100% fit before you try anything.The next vid will be out in a couple weeks and will be titled “How-to…Do Everything Better!“. Sounds really vague I know, but I promise it’s not – we’ll go through one simple skill that can transform your overall riding like no other… so watch this space.

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